Entrevista en Billboard

Entrevista en Billboard May 20, 2019

Mexican singer Virlan Garcia stopped to chat backstage at Billboard Latin Music Week 2018, discussing his experience growing up Latino.

Garcia shares that a typical dish he loves to eat at his house is ranch steak with rice and beans and that he asks his mother to make it whenever he is there. “That’s my favorite dish,” he says, “and it’s been that way since I was little.”

The “Mi Vida Eres Tu” singer says that the best part of being a Latin artist is “the roots, defending our music [and] the culture.”

Garcia also discusses the biggest false stereotype of Mexico, explaining that in other parts of the world, people think that his homeland has a lot of violence. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet friends who live their entire lives in the U.S. and they’re afraid to visit Mexico, and I can’t see why,” he adds. “There are so many beautiful things [there]. There is more good than bad.”

The musician also reveals the first song he ever sang -- “La Palomita” -- which he serenaded his mother with over the phone when he was 2 years old and living in Sinaloa.

You can watch the full video above to hear much more from Virlan Garcia, including where his first date was, what his favorite cartoon is, and which song he thinks perfectly depicts the Mexican man.

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